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To get an appointment call our main number 32 84 13 40 between 9 and 12 AM

You can always get an emergency time.

Welcome to the clinic’s website

Here you can find information about our opening hours, telephone times and much more.

Under the menu button “Self service” you can:

  •  Make an apoointment
  •  Renew prescriptions on most medicines
  •  Write a short message to the doctor
  •  Read messages from doctor

To access the self-service section you must create your own name and password. Press the “Self” and follow the instructions or read more about user creation in the menu above.
It is a legal requirement that we, as a provider of email consultation must prioritize safety as much as possible. For this reason, all messages sent back and forth are encrypted.
All your messages are shrouded in secrecy.


Please make sure to cancel an appointment at least 2 hours before the agreed time. If you fail to do so you will be charged a fee of approximately DKK 200 or more depending on the type of consultation and time wasted.
Please note that there will be a administration fee by repeated reminders.

You can cancel an appointment in two ways:

  • Calling the clinic on our main number 32 84 13 40 (you can leave a message if necessary)
  • Sending a message with our self-service (note that it might take some time before you get a confirmation)

Between 8-9 on weekdays you have the opportunity to talk to a doctor.
However, it is possible that you initially talk to a secretary as we try to provide the best possible service to as many patients as possible. In case of an emergency situation or a specific question, this will always be passed on to the doctor who may then contact  you.

Between 9-12 you can call to make an appointment, renew prescriptions and get help with most simple questions.

The Medical Clinic is a company practice with two permanent doctors, one doctor trainee, one nurse and two secretaries.
The clinic is located on the 1st floor. and has no elevator.

Practice is closed for new patients

Please bring your health insurance card every time you come.

Bring your children’s health insurance, if the appointment is for them.
Bringning your health insurance card is a requirement from the Health Authority

ARE YOU A NEW PATIENT,   Please contact the secretaries.

Have you lost your health insurance card or it is broken, you can order a new one at Citizens Service
or via the web at sundhed.dk or you can contact Tel: 33663366

PHONE: (+45) 32 84 13 40
Contact to the doctors: from 8 AM to 9 AM,
Contact to the secretary: from 9 AM to 12 AM.
In weekends and weekdays after 4 PM and to 8 AM please contact emergency phone number 1813

CONSULTATION: Only by appointment

Medical Emergencies:

Consultation without appointment is not possible. Please call the clinic from 8 AM to 9 AM (doctors) and from 9 AM to 12 AM to make an appointment.

From 4 PM to 8 AM and in the weekends:
Emergency medical service = call 1813.

Make Appointments and renew prescriptions between 09:00 to 12:00.
The doctor has set aside time for four consultations per hour –
It is important that you arrive at an agreed upon time without any delay.
We aim to keep the time, but delays may occur . We will not be delayed due to patient non-compliance with the time.

INFLUENZA VACCINATION is possible from 15. October. Price kr. 200

OFFER FOR FREE INFLUENZA VACCINATION given to specific groups residing in Denmark from 15. October to the end of the year.
According to Decree No. 849 of 4 July 2011 , the following groups are eligible for free flu-vaccination :
Age of 65
Disability pensioners
Chronically ill with the following conditions , after a medical assessment :
– Chronic lung disease
– Cardiovascular diseases (except isolated hypertension )
– Diabetes 1 or 2
– Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency
– Obesity (indicative BMI > 40 )
– Affected respiration due to decreased muscle power
– Chronic liver or kidney failure
– Other chronic diseases which, according to medical judgment means that influenza poses a serious health risk
All pregnant women in the second and third trimester
Household contacts of severely immunosuppressed patients may in special cases be offered vaccination. Household contacts are household members and persons with close contact.

Payment of vaccines, certificates , etc. -in cash or via MobilePay.
Unfortunately you can’t pay with credit card .
————————————————– ————————————————
Emails : All inquiries must be made in the patients own social security number

Email Consultation : Is designed for short questions and answers. Response time : 0-5 days.

Can not be used in acute symptoms

For appointment : Go into an appointment. Fill in the fields . Response time 0-3 days. Time is only reserved for you when you have got mail back with : The required time is reserved.
There can not be ordered time for conversation because of mental / psykologic problems and certificates, 1.pregnantiexaminations and child examinations and vaccinations.
————————————————– ————————————————
For prescription renewals : only for renewal of your usual medicine. Go into prescriptions. Response time : 0-3 days.
NOTE : Addictive medicine and strong painkillers can not be renewed over the internet, you will need to make an appointment with the doctor. 
————————————————– ————————————————
Link to information on diseases and prophylaxis :

Pregnancy / Prenatal diagnosis / births : ¨

contraception :

Childhood Vaccinations and vaccination for cervical cancer :

International Vaccinations :

Heart Association : Brochures about food, diet, exercise , etc.

diabetes :

Asthma and allergies :

Rheumatic diseases :

Headache :

Links to government sites about health care :

Here , you find specialists access to your medication profile and many other information on diseases , etc.:

Health website :

Waiting time :

Package Progress of Cancer: